Psychoanalytic Association of Buenos Aires

- Member of the Association

- Member of the Executive Committee


Argentine Catholic University

- Degree in Psychology

Curricular Trajectory

Academic training

Member of APdeBA (Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association).
IPA. (International Psychoanalytical Association).
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.
Argentine Catholic University.
Postgraduate degree in Psychoanalysis.
Foundation of Buenos Aires.
Master in Organizational Psychology.
University of Belgrano.
Argentine Catholic University.
Solid training and experience in distance analysis. (Online).


English. Advanced.
Spanish. Native.

Work experience

  • Clinical care in private practice.
  • Provider of social work in the Argentinean armed forces. IOSFA.-· 
  • Liberman Center lender.
  •  Clinical care in the foundation of Buenos Aires.
    Adolescents and adults.
    Couple and family.
    Senior citizens and old people.
    Panic attacks.
    Anxiety disorders.
    eating disorders bulimia/anorexia
    Personality disorders.
  • Pro-secretary of the APdeBA Board of Directors.
  • Consulting Director Link me.
    Psychoanalysis for companies. Employee psychological assistance program.
  • Forensic expert.
    Psychodiagnostic. Psychic Damage. Accidents. Trauma. Stress at work.


  • University professor of the subject psychopedagogy career.
    Organizational and educational psychology".
    University of La Plata
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology. "Clinical Psychology".
    Argentine Catholic University .

Hospital experience

  • Borda Hospital.
    Clinical care.
    Coordination of group psychotherapy. Assistance in psychodrama workshops and individual therapist.
  • Alvear, Moyano and Tobar Garcia Hospital
    Clinical care.

Online Therapy

Why choose online therapy?
It has many advantages...
- Flexible plans to meet your needs
- Eliminate conmmute time
- Increase hourly availability
- You can choose the most confortable place for your session
- You save money
- Most of people find it as more effective and convenient than traditional therapy
How did it start?
Psychoanalysis online emerges in the intimacy of the practice, in which analyst and patient forged an unique and unrepeatable connection that transcended the usual physical space.
So, if we work with psychism, why not adapt psychoanalysis to the new practice or the new digital era?
Today, in the midst of the pandemic, it has been an optimal resource for mental health work.
Patient and analyst establish a bond that transcends the Physical presence and it is as effective as face-to-face analysis.


Business services

Vincularme is a human resources consultancy founded in 2002 dedicated to bussiness psychology, which deals with the specific activity of each worker.
We support companies in matters related to bussiness psychology from the point of view of psychoanalysis.
Among the services we offer: 

  • Analysis of the work space, role conflicts, burn out syndrome and worker error. 
  • Talks and emotional support to the employee.
  • Recruitment.
  • Psychotechnicians. 
  • Among other things...

What is business psychology?
It is a discipline that aims to shed light on the peculiarities and characteristics of the behavior that people develop in an organization.
Its background is psychiatry, neurology, economics, industrial psychology and social psychology.
It is a scientific discipline that studies human behavior and experiences in the context of work and organization from an individual, group and organizational perspective. 




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